Built With Digital is a multidisciplinary digital consulting agency based in Australia and Canada. Our mission is to identify the essential around new visual perspectives. We believe good design solves business problems.

Our Story

From humble beginnings, Built With Digital was born to help businesses grow. Now wind forward the clock eight years on we have a team of over thirty six staff in various locations working from home in various regions around the world.

  • Started with first customer
  • 5 x Best Design Solution
  • Best Digital Experience
  • Multicultural Agency
  • 2 x Creative Ads
  • Agency of the Year
  • 4 x Best Design Solution
  • Creative Digital Product
  • 2 x Best Retail Activation
  • 7 x Best SM Campaign
  • Site of the Year
  • Rising Talent Agency
  • 9 x Site of the Day
  • 22 x Designer of the Day
  • 2 x Agency of the Year

Our partners

We love to collaborate with ambitious brands to deliver better digital experience to the people.

Team of creators

We are fostering a collaborative, team-based approach in order to cultivate the flow of nice creative ideas and let our team members unleash their creativity.


Mark Graves

Art Director

Cathy Porras

UI / UX Designer

Mark Graves

Product Manager

Anabel Bowling


Mark Newman

Senior Developer

Reynaldo Hernandez