The Importance of Online Security

Be honest… how much consideration did you/have you given online security for your website? That’s ok, we’re confident you’re not alone.

With security such an integral part of many people’s lives, it’s interesting that some still don’t take online security as seriously. Or even understand the risks they potentially face when hosting with a company that neglects security protocols. Ever wonder why hosting costs vary so widely?

Sure you can get hosting for as little as $2/month, but what happens when your site crashes or is hacked by malware constantly?

All too often you hear company sites being hacked, yet many continue, it seems, to gamble on this by choosing a cheaper host. Isn’t your website worth protecting, after all you’ve spent money on design and development already? When considering this, you should research what is offered by various hosts.  And while it may seem like a bigger outlay initially, you could save yourself not only money, but lost time and sleep in the long run.

A specialised WordPress host such as WPEngine provides round the clock service, daily back-ups and regular site checks to ensure that there are no issues or breaches.  And on the off-chance there is, they’ll rectify this straight away… so you won’t even notice it. And because they only host WordPress sites, they have specialised knowledge of the platform unrivalled by any other hosts.

Like the insurances we take out for our health, cars, property, etc, to safe guard us from any unforeseen incident that life may throw at us, there are hosting sites that take the worry out of malicious malware and other cyber-intrusions by constantly running updates, scans and upgrades to ensure that your website is always running the way it should – quickly, effortlessly and safely.

For more insight on the importance of hosting security check out the following article.

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