The Power of Great Copywriting

When it comes to your greatest site assets, it would take some serious argument to displace copy and content as top dogs.

Humans, by nature, are social beings, and we want to interact with others… so your website should to be engaging.

Yes it should be responsive, easy to navigate and a design that reflects your brand image, but you want your visitors to stay on your site as long as possible and it’s believed that you have less than 1 minute to keep a visitor from leaving.

So if your copy isn’t engaging the chances are your visitors aren’t even getting to your service or products… which means they probably don’t even know what you’re offering.


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Knowing what to write and how to write it is a skilful art, and when it comes to copy, you can basically forget what you learnt at School… it speaks to people, and you need to know how to speak to catch their attention. Chances are your personal bias could be getting in the way…

This is why professional copywriters are often sought, as they have the skill set to write captivating, and more importantly, engaging copy. Teams like The International Writer, routinely help their clients with SEO ranking, increased sales & grow, and retain customers with clever, well crafted copy.

It’s also true when it comes to content … as the saying goes, “(great) Content Is King”.  And Google’s algorithms especially think so. But not just any content, it has to be relevant and current! Again, a copywriter’s skills come to the fore here.

Have you ever started to read something and either clicked back or simply left the website?

Yes, you can write, most of us can, but does your style engage with people to keep reading or to click through to find out more about your business, your services or your products? The most likely answer to this is no.  For the simple reason that it’s not a skill everyone has, and that’s fine. It’s also the same reason most of us haven’t written a book… or are likely too either.

Enrolling a great copywriter can be one of the best investments you can make for your business. Think of it this way, you may know enough about plumbing to change a tap or shower-head and replace the washers. But would you attempt to re-plumb your entire house if there was a major leak?

So why do it with your website? Who knows how many potential leads have leaked through because of poor copy or content…

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